• Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 11-inch, 2GB Ram, 16GB SSD
    Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 11-inch, 2GB Ram, 16GB SSD
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Want to trade in your old laptops for cash? 

We give you cash when you sell your old laptop and we even pay for the postage. As one of the leading sites to pay for laptops, games, games consoles, iPads and iPhones, TradeInForCash can help.  
Whether you’ve got an old Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP or Asus, we are here waiting to hear from you. Simply use the search window above to check whether we accept the manufacturer of your laptop.  If we do, you can get a price for it in mere seconds. 

Trade in Your Old Laptop for Cash

Laptops – who can live without them? Whether you’re a person who heads up a multi-national company, a student or a person who just likes to be incredibly organised, laptops provide irreplaceable help and support. Who knows what any of us did before them. Perhaps we relied on old typewriters or word processors and calculators to do it all for us. We no doubt got through a lot more pencils!

C’mon,it’s Time to Sell That Old Laptop 

Where is it now? Sitting in a drawer under a lot of other clutter? Don’t think we’re being rude and forward with that question. It’s just that that is where most old laptops end up. Sometimes they’re even in old suitcases or stuffed under the bed.

Most people are not sure about whether they want to sell their laptop. You see, they may be concerned about the data that is stored on there. There’s a simple way to deal with that, and that’s to give it the old ‘format c:’ treatment. Everything will be deleted, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that there will be absolutely NO DATA on your laptop.

We are here for you to sell your old laptop to us. We give probably one of the best prices on the web too. We also buy old computer games, iPads and iPhones and game consoles. Bet you’ve got some of those around too!

Where can I sell my laptop?

You can sell it right here, to us. Yes, you can! We give great prices in exchange for your old machine. It may have been the bee’s knees once, but no doubt it can’t keep up with today’s technology. Your patience cannot wait for it to warm up and get chugging in the morning. It’s so slow that it would be faster to use an abacus to work out your calculations.  

Not only will we buy your old laptop, whether it’s an ASUS, Acer, HP, Toshiba or Apple, we will pay the postage for you to send it to us. Once we’ve received it from the postman, and we’ve inspected it, you will be paid the agreed amount by PayPal, cheque or by bank transfer.

What will I get when I trade in my old laptop?

You’ll get the best prices out there. We cannot guarantee this, but our prices are pretty darn good for an old laptop! It’s time to pull out that old Dell laptop to sell. In exchange, we’ll give you some cash and you can put it in your piggy bank or spend it on the latest laptop model. It’s as easy as that!

Whilst you’re in the drawers and cupboards looking for it, do let us know if you find anything else. We also buy computer games, games consoles and other electronic devices such as iPads.

“Should I sell my laptop?”

The answer to this is placed firmly in your future. Do you think you’ll be using it again? If it’s the laptop before the last one you had, before this one.. then it does honestly sound like the answer should be ‘yes’. You’re quite unlikely to use it again, even as a backup. It’s time for it to go. Why clutter the house up with old technology that is no good to anybody?

Who else wants cash for old laptops?

Step up and click the button. Scroll up to the top of the screen and you’ll find a search bar. Enter the manufacturer’s name of your old laptop into that bar. Then give it a search. You’ll come across a page on the laptop you want to sell if we buy them. You’ll also find the condition we want it to be in and the price. Don’t forget. We also pay the postage for you.

Finally, don’t forget to take off any security locks or pin codes so that payment is not delayed.  We pay by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer for your old laptop.
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