How do I sell my Switch games online?

  • Enter the item name and get a valuation

  • Print out your label and packing slip

  • Post your items

  • Receive your cash

Trade in Nintendo Switch Games for Cash

Here at, our primary focus is to ensure you receive value for money when you trade in Nintendo Switch games for cash. Console games such as Nintendo Switch are expensive to buy and that’s why we go all out to offer exceptional value for money. We are one of the leading websites for those to look to make cash from selling games.

You’ve probably got a whole collection of Nintendo Switch games sitting on your shelf right now. They’re gathering dust and to be honest you wouldn’t even miss them if you never saw them ever again. At the time you had a lot of fun playing those games, but you know that you’ll never play them again. Why not make some quick cash from our game trade in service that you can put towards buying yourself a new game?

Sell Nintendo Switch games

You’ve played the game so much that you’ve even dreamt about playing it. Now that you’ve finished with it, why don’t you pass it on to somebody else to play. When you sell games online, not only do you get to make some cash, but you give somebody else the chance to have a lot of fun. And the beauty of it all, is that selling games is easy to do!

Selling games online is easy

The most challenging part for you in this process will be going through your games to decide which ones you’re happy to part with. We know what it’s like, we all love our games!

When you trade in games with us, we give you a price for all your unwanted games in mere seconds.

Once you’ve made your mind up, you can just type in the name of the game into our search engine and get the immediate price that you’ll receive. Now print off the postage label, put it in an envelope and post it. You’ll then receive your money and that’s all there is involved when it comes to our game trade in process.

No matter how many games you have, whether it’s in the hundreds or just a couple, it’s incredibly easy to trade your games for cash at

Don’t forget

Just as you would any used games to be in good condition, so it is with our customers. All we ask is that any games you decide to sell to us are in good condition. If in the last few weeks, you’ve been using them as a hammer, to amuse the dog with or to keep the door open with, we won’t accept them. You can find out more in our condition guidelines.

Take the plunge

If you’re happy with our offer, then carry on to the checkout and complete your order. We will send you an email of confirmation with a pre-paid postage label. This means all you have to do is put those Nintendo Switch games into an envelope and you won’t even have to pay.

Fast payment

Once we receive and approve your games, you will be paid as fast as possible.

To get started with the trade in games for cash process, click the link below. 

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