How do I sell my console?

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The Easy Way To Sell Game Consoles

Are you thinking of upgrading your Xbox 360 for an Xbox One, or your old PS3 for a PS4? Are you wondering about Xbox 360 game trade in values or part exchange prices, or perhaps want to see what your Wii controller trade in value will be? If you’re asking any of these questions about your old consoles then we have you covered.

Don’t give away or throw away your Xbox 360, trade it in! TradeInForCash will offer you a top market price and you can use the money to put towards your new console. So if you’re thinking, ‘where can I sell my console?’ - or ‘how can I trade in my PS3 for a PS4?’ - thenyou’ve come to the right place. Sounds too easy? Well at TradeInForCash, it really is that simple.

Trade in Consoles For The Best Prices

All you need to do is type into our search bar the console you want to trade in, and once you’ve found a match, press ‘calculate’, and you’ll be offered a fantastic price for your unwanted item. Then you’re ready to head to the checkout! There you’ll be presented with a label to print out. Then choose your shipping option and simply post your parcel to us. Once we’ve received your items we’ll process your payment.

Have you fallen out of love with your Wii U? Are you wondering about your Xbox One cash trade in value? Don’t let them sit inside your entertainment unit gathering dust. You’re potentially missing out on hundreds of pounds. Be proactive and visit our ‘search’ section to see what the trade in value will be.

When you sell your PS3, for example, you’re not only earning money; you’re doing your bit for the environment. By cashing in your unwanted games you’re working against a ‘throwaway society.’ And that’s definitely a good thing!

Are you lucky enough to have been bought the new PlayStation? Don’t put your old one back in its box for ‘safe keeping’ - check out our prices. Wondering what to do with the old games, too? Well we also give you cash for your old games!

We handle your payments quick and efficiently, and you choose how you want to get paid, whether via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. You’d be surprised by the payment you’ll be offered. At Trade in for Cash we offer fantastic trade in values! Just make sure that your console isn’t faulty; unfortunately we can’t accept faulty goods.

The brand new PS4 is receiving rave reviews. Are you tempted, but struggling to meet the cost? Collect your current console - and the games to match - type the item names into our search section and see what you’ll be rewarded with.

Do you have an item that you can’t find in our search bar? Don’t admit defeat; head to the ‘Can’t Find My Item’ section. One you’ve ticked a couple of boxes detailing your request, we’ll aim to send you a quote within 24 hours.

Why choose Trade in for Cash? We offer a quick and easy service. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Step 1. Type in your item. Step 2. Send us your parcel Step 3. We send your payment!

You can see on our homepage that our customers are very happy with our service, too. We have an excellent 99% satisfaction rating! Therefore you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional and competent company.

So, now you’ve seen how easy it is, what are you waiting for? Earn yourself some quick and easy cash by trading in those unwanted consoles.
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