• GameBoy Advance SP (All colours)
    GameBoy Advance SP (All colours)
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  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Up to £6.00
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  • Game Boy Advance
    Game Boy Advance
    Up to £7.00
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  • Game Boy Micro
    Game Boy Micro
    Up to £8.00
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  • Original Gameboy Console
    Original Gameboy Console
    Up to £26.00
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  • Nintendo GameBoy Color - Blue
    Nintendo GameBoy Color - Blue
    Up to £26.00
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  • Game Boy Original Console Gray, Unboxed
    Game Boy Original Console Gray, Unboxed
    Up to £40.00
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In the days before tablets and smart phones, this was what we were all staring at. The hand-held Game Boy console from Nintendo burst onto the scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s (depending where you lived), and revolutionised on-the-go entertainment. 
There have been several generations of Game Boy, selling over 112 million units between them. There were the popular Color and Pocket models, while the Advance of 2001 saw the end of this much-loved line. And of course, there’s that iconic original console. If you have an old Game Boy tucked away somewhere, we have customers who’d (literally) love to get their hands on one. We offer competitive prices for old and used consoles: just check out the list above.

Sell Your Game Boy Advance Online 

This hand-held games console saw the end of an era, as when it was discontinued in 2010, the Game Boy range moved aside to make way for the Nintendo DS. The Advance broke the Game Boy mould, as it rotated from the classic portrait to a landscape format. This gamepad-like design means it feels more familiar to modern gamers. There’s also the Micro version, which is smaller and sleeker, and the SP comes in a folding case, like a small laptop. The latter also has a brighter LED screen.
The Game Boy Advance is still a popular model, and comes in a fabulous range of colours. If yours is gathering dust, get in touch with us – we offer competitive prices for consoles in good condition.

Trade In Your Game Boy Console

The original Game Boys may seem basic and boxy to today’s sophisticated gamers – but for those of us nostalgic about our early gaming years, who grew up paying Tetris, this is real treasure. The operation buttons (four) are beautifully simple, and there’s the option to connect to another Game Boy via a cable, for an early version of multiplayer gaming. The Pocket was a lighter and smaller version, released in 1996.
If you would like to trade in your Game Boy console, we can buy it from you provided it still works and is in good condition. Our easy-to-use website lets you select the condition of the item, and gives you a quote based on that. There are a lot of nostalgic Tetris players out there so act now…

Sell Your Game Boy Today

With so many in circulation, an old Game Boy isn’t a rare item; however, there are a lot of customers out there looking to buy retro consoles, and we can reunite them with Game Boys (like yours). From the original 1990 version through to the more sophisticated Advance SPs, there’s a lot to love about these little trailblazers. If we can’t upsell items we simply recycle them in a green way.
Are you ready to pass on your old Game Boy? You’ve come to the right place. To sell your Game Boy, have a look at our list above, and click on the item you want to trade. This will take you to the product page that gives you further details and a price. 
If you don’t see the exact product on our list, go to the “Cannot Find My Item” page, and get in touch with us. We’re here to help you get the best online price for your old Game Boy now.

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