• Nintendo Wii U 32GB Premium Pack
    Nintendo Wii U 32GB Premium Pack
    Up to £65.00
    Sell now
  • Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Pack
    Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Pack
    Up to £46.00
    Sell now
  • Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack
    Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack
    Up to £65.00
    Sell now

How do I sell my Nintendo Wii U?

  • Enter the item name and get a valuation

  • Print out your label and packing slip

  • Post your Wii U

  • Get Cash for your Wii U

It's very easy to sell Wii U Console with TradeInForCash

Are you bored of your Wii U? Rather than simply upgrading to a new system and putting that old Wii U in the bin, you should consider trading it in for cash.

The principle's incredibly simple, ensuring that you can easily trade in Wii U consoles right here. To begin the process, all that you need to do is to search for the specific console that you're looking to sell, whether that's a Nintendo Wii U 32GB, or a Nintendo Wii U 8GB.

You'll be presented with details of how much money we're prepared to pay you for that model. Unlike some of our rivals, we don't like to provide store credit. When you choose to sell Wii U consoles and accessories right here, we commit to paying you in cash.

As you'll see, we ask you a few basic details about the state of your Wii U and whether you have any accessories available. We then explain how you can post the console to us. Once you've done so, you simply need to sit back and to wait for the cash to arrive. We'll even make payment direct to your Paypal account. The entire process couldn't be any easier!

As well as ensuring that you can earn some extra cash, our approach means that your Wii U will go to a good home. Instead of ending up in landfill, it will provide hours of entertainment for some other lucky gamer. That means that it's also good news for the wider environment.

If you're looking for where to sell Wii U console devices and accessories, then you can be sure that we'll give you the best price.
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