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Long a pioneer in the handheld console gaming market, Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance – also known as simply the GBA – was launched in 2001, and helped consolidate the manufacturer’s hold over this section of the gaming console space. Its unique landscape design, with a widescreen viewer and buttons on the side, marked a departure from the upright styling of previous Game Boy models.

A dynamic 32-bit handheld video gaming device, its advanced gameplay capabilities and amazing graphics quickly helped establish the Gameboy Advance as a firm favourite with customers worldwide – and as such a host of exciting GBA games were created to fuel the gaming needs of the 81 million people who had purchased a Game Boy Advance by 2010.

GBA Games: A Potted History

There are literally hundreds of GBA games available on the second hand market – and the low thousands of titles were created for the platform in the early part of the noughties. As with other consoles, many games shared tie-ins with major sporting stars and sports teams – while big new movie releases often had a GBA title to go with them.

The sheer power and usability of the Game Boy Advance, combined with its landscape screen aspect, meant that users could achieve a superior gaming experience when compared with previous handheld consoles (such as the Nintendo 64). As such, game creators could add more features, characters and graphics power to their GBA titles – really pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved with gaming design on a relatively small platform environment.

Within this context, if you have any GBA games lying around at home – they could certainly be worth much more than you think.

Sell The Best GBA Games

If you owned a Game Boy Advance back in the day, then you’ll no doubt appreciate that this innocuous looking little machine represented the glory days of portable video gaming consoles. In this regard, some of the best GBA games of this golden era include many titles that will still get modern collectors extremely nostalgic and excited.
Who can forget such popular titles as The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Pokemon Ruby and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga? These were certainly the halcyon days of handheld gaming, and aficionados today will still be itching to get their hands on your classic second hand GBA titles. So why not go through those drawers and cupboards just one more time to see what you can trade in?

Sell Your Used Gameboy Advance Games Today

Our GBA game enthusiasts are standing by to help you get the best price possible for your used Gameboy Advance games today. Simply select your games from the list on this page and click through to get the latest price, or contact us for a bespoke quote if you can’t find your exact item. The Game Boy Advance was a much-loved handheld console, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised what its most popular games are still worth.
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